TALVIN is our entry level wine that has been produced with the same care and passion as our classic line - Sestalino and Sestal. It has been vinificated exclusively from our own grapes.

In the nose the TALVIN can convince with fine aromas of red fruits such as raspberry, red currant and cherry, underlined by smooth notes of vanilla and dark chocolate.
On the palate, aromas of ripe red and black fruits unveil. The interplay of the fruit and its fine acidity, the well integrated alcohol as well as its full body ensure endless drinking pleasure.

The colour is of dark ruby-red character with a tendency of showing a reflective bluish shine at the glass rim like wild blackberries.

The wine induces a sensitive-fruity fragrance of red fruit like raspberry, currant and morello-cherry inspiring a tingly perception of vanilla, tea, and dark chocolate.

The palate is being teased by a play of fruit, gentle alcoholic acidity along with a body of well-ripened red and black fruit. Volume and exit duration present the connoisseur with a great drinking pleasure.

The Talvin is enhancing a certain longing and presents an excellent partner with light dishes like salads, seafood, cheese, ham and variations of vegetarian and finger food.

Grape Varieties: Merlot, Syrah, Tempranillo, Callet, Manto Negro.
Alcohol: 14,5% | contains Sulfite