Creating something lasting

Few have had the privilege of setting foot on Ses Talaioles. But those who have been to this magical place once will keep it in their hearts forever.


The sun burns down on the majestic tower that has overlooked this landscape with its lemon and fig trees since the 15th century. In its shadow lies a finca dating back more than 400 years. And just a few metres away, Mallorcan "Porc Negre" pigs roll around in the historic pig garden under the old holm oaks.

It smells of the sea and summer. Vines with their bright fruit stand densely planted on the rising slopes. As early as the 18th century, farmers grew wine on the slopes of Ses Talaioles and then shipped it from Porto Cristo.

This tradition was re-established by the dutch-german de Waal family in 2000. Today, the estate in the east of Mallorca is home to an unmistakable top-quality wine, which is characterized by two main factors.

Firstly, the unique terroir:

Due to its close proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, the strong onshore wind provides the necessary cooling of the grapes and a continuous sea breeze during the hot seasons.

The slopes of Ses Talaioles have a highly interesting geological profile, thanks to the upheavals of natural events in the history of the earth. Large deposits of mountain rock from the Tramuntana Mountains and layers of marine sediment from the nearby Mediterranean alternate with white limestone marl.

The distinctive character of the earth, the power of the sun and the essence of the sea can be found in every drop. The wine is imbued with this magical place.

Secondly, the philosophy of the de Waal Family:

The goal of Franz de Waal and his family is to create something lasting.

To ensure long-term quality, the team around winemaker Federico Zaina inspects and works every single vine up to seven times a year. The development of healthy soils and the resulting resistance of the vines to diseases are the focus of the vineyard's work. This also includes the integration of the latest findings on pruning, which, like all work in the vineyard, is carried out by the hands of trained workers.

In the cellar, the claim to the quality of the product is rounded off.

"We want to support the grapes of each vintage during their metamorphosis into wine so that they can develop their very own characteristics. The memory of the tranquility, the vastness and the light, the ponderous earthiness, the cheerfulness and love of the people who work here can be found in our wines. Wherever you enjoy our wines, you experience what Ses Talaioles feels like."

Franz de Waal
Finca Ses Talaioles


This requires the experience of the past, the knowledge of the future and the sensitivity for the present.

In the ageing process, finesse is the guiding principle. For some time now, the wines at Ses Talaioles have been maturing not only in oak barrels, but also in clay amphorae. In the past 20 years, the owners have learned a lot about the terroir and the special features of the place and have constantly perfected the winemaking processes. Innovation is not used to create something new, but rather something pure and authentic - a product that can tell of its origin, a wine that lasts.

Minerality, depth and structure characterize the three main wines of the winery.

The intense abundance of aromas of ripe dark red and black berries, as well as its deep black-red colour dominate the bouquet. A wine characterized by intense minerality, a dense tannin structure and a harmonious balance of acidity and phenols. The high alcohol content, which is to be expected in warm climates, is perfectly integrated, never superficial or even disturbing.

Its finish is like Ses Talaioles itself: warm, powerful and long-lasting.

A unique product that can only have originated in this magical place:

A Mediterranean character wine - made by and for people with character.



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