STRUCTURE  » SESTAL is a very complex, elegant wine. Its characteristics refer to the history of the old village of Ses Talaioles, which is marked by the structure of its agricultural land. The fields and vineyards are still enclosed by kilometres of ancient dry-stone walls. Every single metre of a wall consists of numerous stones hewn by hand. The imprint of an old stone wall on the vineyard is the basis of the SESTAL label. It stands for the structure and complexity of this wine.

Gentle treatment of the vines with natural products. Careful cultivation of the soil, promoting biodiversity, to ensure the resistance and health of the vines. Harvested grapes are stored in cold chambers for up to 12 hours to preserve aromas and avoid oxidation during processing. Manual selection of the grapes, handpicking of the berries.
No use of sulphites before fermentation. Instead, use of non-saccharomyc yeasts for fruit enhancement, increase in typicity and complexity similar to that of wild fermentation, with the added benefit of lowering the sulphur content in the wine. Fermentation in inox tanks. Extended maceration completed 12 days after the end of fermentation. Malolactic fermentation in inox tanks.

18 months in French oak (new).

Deep ruby red with dark violet reflections.

Intense aromas of blackcurrant and tomato leaves, as well as notes of fresh tobacco, dark chocolate and hazelnuts.

On the palate, it is complex and rich in aromas reminiscent of black cherries, tomato leaves and Mediterranean spices, with an intense body and a balanced phenolic richness. This wine impresses with its great persistence, elegance and structure.

With its presence and liveliness, SESTAL is the ideal companion for nutritious meals, spicy meat dishes, all kinds of game, as well as fine cheeses.

Origin: Mallorca, Spain
Appellation: Vi de la Terra de Mallorca

Grape Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon (64%), Syrah (25%), Merlot (8%), Manto Negro (3%)
Harvest: entirely hand-picked   Storage: 10 years

Alcohol: 14,5 % vol   pH-Value: 3,58
Acidity: 5,6 g/L
Allergens: Contains sulphites